Bend Cyclery 1996-2018

Sorry to say that after 21 years in business Bend Cyclery is closing its doors for good . 😕
The way of the world is changing dramatically and retail brick and mortar businesses are being slowly replaced by online stores. 
Last winters record snow fall accompanied by the summers choking fire smoke didn’t really help much in the bicycle biz either. All of these factors played a key role in the closing of Bend Cyclery. 
It’s been such a pleasure to be able to help all of you keep pedaling. My passion will always be riding my bike and I will never stop tuning and building bicycles. I will be back !! Maybe a small custom builds,paint repair shop ! Who knows you might find me at one of the other 15 shops in town. Whichever one it is, I hope they have room for a huge following of all you, my customers , friends, the ones that kept
“The Best Bike Mechanic in Bend,” in business for 21 years !!!!!!!

Thanks Everybody,
See you around.